8 Easy DIY Teeth Whitening Hacks

Everybody desires healthier, whiter, and more robust teeth. However, the majority of us don't want to spend a fortune to have that brilliant white grin. Although conventional toothpaste may promise to strengthen and whiten your teeth from the inside out, all it does is erode the protective enamel off your teeth, endangering their overall health.

In the meantime, common teeth-whitening procedures like laser or hydrogen peroxide whitening cause harm to the teeth or damage to the teeth and wallet. There must be an alternative because it's reasonable to argue that achieving ambitious teeth-whitening goals should never come at the expense of your teeth's health and vitality.

As luck would have it, a happier, healthier substitute has been waiting for you the entire time! A lot of the foods that are stashed away in your cupboard, lingering in your refrigerator, or maybe just hanging out in your freezer are so full of nutrients that are good for your mouth that they can actually strengthen and brighten your teeth. Discover which meals result in stronger, whiter teeth by reading on.

1. Baking Soda

Alright, so baking soda may not quite qualify as a "food," but it is edible in every way and you use it in baking fairly frequently, don't you think? Although baking soda may not be the tastiest food to eat, it works wonders for your teeth.

Plaque-removing toothpastes with baking soda were shown to be significantly more effective than toothpastes without baking soda, according to a 2008 literature analysis that looked at the findings of five independent research. According to a different study, teeth treated with a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture became noticeably less yellow.

Three conclusions may now be drawn from these findings: First, if you don't already have any, get some baking soda. Secondly, don't even consider using hydrogen peroxide; the risks to your teeth and your health are simply too great. Thirdly, think about using just plain baking soda as a toothbrush instead of toothpaste. It unexpectedly works and will whiten your teeth far faster than any toothpaste would ever be able to.

2. Strawberries

We're entering more delectable territory now! Strawberries have the exact opposite impact inside your mouth as they do outside, where they are highly stain-prone and difficult to clean off. Malic acid, an enzyme found in strawberries, can help remove stains from the surface of your less-than-pearly white teeth more quickly and make them look whiter sooner.

3. Carrots

Carrots have a lot of medicinal and mouth-healthy antioxidants, but their mechanical properties are what really make them stand out on this list. Carrots have a crunchy, fibrous structure that makes them an excellent tool for removing plaque from the surface of your teeth as well as anything unwanted from in between your teeth. Broccoli and cauliflower are two more so-called "toothbrush foods."

4. Sweet Potato

In addition to being a fantastic dietary diversion from potatoes, sweet potatoes also happen to be quite beneficial for your teeth! Consuming sweet potatoes causes the oral cavity to become more alkaline, which encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria that shield your teeth from damage.

5. Onions

Sulfurous chemicals, which are abundant in onions by nature, have been scientifically shown to have potent antibacterial properties against a variety of oral pathogenic microorganisms. Including more onions in your diet will, therefore, likely help your teeth become whiter while also promoting better dental health.

6. Wheatgrass

There are several bacterial species that can harm teeth and gums, and wheatgrass can help fight them off. Taking a wheatgrass shot can also prevent tooth decay, therefore increasing your intake of wheatgrass is undoubtedly beneficial for your teeth.

7. Oranges

By promoting increased saliva production, eating tart, acidic fruits like oranges or pineapples helps maintain the health of your teeth. The salivary glands in your mouth work to break down food, maintain a pH balance in your mouth, and shield your teeth's surface from oral infections. Get puckering—more saliva results in brighter, healthier teeth!

8. Celery

You've undoubtedly heard that celery, with its high water content, is a dieter's best buddy. Its thick, crisp texture and the similar characteristic make it a fantastic substitute for carrots, broccoli, or cauliflower when it comes to "toothbrush foods." Celery is a terrific food to munch on since it not only keeps your teeth clean on the outside, but it also has no sugar, no acidity, and promotes a healthy oral flora.

9. Dairy Products

Because milk and other dairy products contain large amounts of calcium, most of us can recall a period when our mothers or the TV advised us to drink lots of milk for strong bones and teeth. While calcium is necessary for good teeth, dairy products also include other helpful compounds that can do wonders for your teeth.

According to a study that was published in the Journal of Caries Research, a particular strain of good bacteria called Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which is present in milk, significantly reduced the amount of dental caries in a group of 594 kids, especially in the three to four-year age range. Eating cheese with the same bacterial strain was found to reduce the amount of Streptococcus mutans, an oral pathogen that is known to contribute to periodontal disease, by twenty percent, according to another study. Increased yogurt consumption was linked to a lower incidence of dental caries, according to yet another study.

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